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Thanks everybody

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Coverage in "Budstikka" August

Hamar Arbeiderblad

Coverage in "Hamar Arbeiderblad" July 25.

Helgeland Arbeiderblad

Coverage in "Helgeland Arbeiderblad" July 23



HA June

Coverage in "Hamar Arbeiderblad" June.

HA May

Coverage in "Hamar Arbeiderblad" May 14.

Gear shipping

After a rather chaotic morning Saskia and I left The Boldinghs Inn, heading for Denmark...

Packing our gear

Late in the evening friday 9/6; Ingrid and Silje came to Saskia’s parents house close to Hamar...

Ranablad april

Fredag 4. april hadde Ranablad ein reportasje om ekspedisjonen vår

Drevvatn mars

Friday the 7th of march we met in Drevvatn, Silje's hometown. This weekend we will stay at Haaland's in, to spend heaps of money on gear and afterwards mekke det i stykker?:)

Øvingshelg mars

Våknet i dag på Vassendsætra. I går kitet vi over Gjevilvatnet, i dag skulle vi tilbake, veldig rundt regna 1,5 mil. Titter ut, været er perfekt...

Finse januar

01.01.08 dro tre jenter fra nyttårs-sus og rus opp til snaufjellet. På Finse ramlet vi av toget med telt, ski, kiter, skiseil, mat og alt som skal til for en uke på fjellet...


Here we are! We met Lofoten folkehøyskole in 2001. We all took the course outdoor activities: telemark skiing and rock climbing.

This year was a great year and we learned a lot about ourselves and others, and of course the outdoor life. After a year with great experiences, we went traveling, studying and working in different parts of Norway and in different countries. But we stayed in touch and here we are, planning an expedition to Greenland together…

Silje S Haaland
- The shortest expedition member and the driving force behind our project

Silje is probably the shortest expedition leader ever known. But she makes up for it! She is always happy and we have great fun together. It is like you forget about problems when she is around you. But she can also be a bit hard sometimes, usually it is for our own good, and yelling only makes us stay focused.


This proud girl reaching 159.5 comes from Drevvatn, in the middle of nowhere, oh sorry, Norway. Silje’s parents moved here from Bergen when Silje was two years old. Due to this northern Norway - Bergen mix Silje grew up to be what we would call a “skravelsjuk, rappkjefta nordlending fra Bergen”.

While still living in Drevvatn, Silje helped her parents out on the farm and played soccer, as the rest of “distriktsnorge”. But luckily, her parents also took her up in the mountains. They made her a real outdoor girl, a characteristic that was enhanced during her year in Lofoten and after.

Silje is a girl wanting everything out of life. She just doesn’t know what everything is yet. Her way to find this “everything” is by traveling, working and studying. Her searching has taken her to extraordinary places, teaching her valuable knowledge and giving her uncountable experiences. Currently she is looking for “everything” in Tromsø as a student. But for Silje “time never goes buy, it will always keep coming”. Therefore she has all the time in the world figuring out what she wants to do when she grows up.

Silje discovered the beauty of kiting while working at Finse 1222. Living here for half a year taught her a lot about the sport, and kiting became a great hobby of hers, in addition to all the other outdoor activities one can do. This girl knows a lot about being outdoors, and it is her knowledge about glaciers that will become extra useful while crossing the crevasse areas. With both an instructor course and a lot of experience, Silje is our glacier expert.

Does 40 days in a tent sound intimidating? Well, not for this girl. Silje does not like to wear new clothes, take a shower too often or to wash her hair. Therefore living on the icecap for 6 weeks will be no problem. If you see a short, laughing girl with dreads and clothes full of holes, it is not a happy Troll, it is just our Silje.

Saskia Evelyn Boldingh
- The one in the middle and the medic

Saskia is our international ally. She is a child of Dutch parents, which is the reason for her unusual and (so) cool name. She has also temporarily moved back to her parent’s origin, the pancake land. Here she is studying to become a doctor.

Saskia was born on an island up north at Skjervøy, but grew up close to Hamar. As a girl with Dutch origin, living close to one of the world’s most famous speed skating cities, she was destined to become a speed skater. Her strong thighs due to doing this through her entire youth will prove to come in handy while pulling a pulka up the steep ice-falls.


After a great year in Lofoten Saskia moved back south and started to study sport biology in Oslo. After two years she doubted her choice of study. She moved to the Netherlands and started medical school. Now she has finished fourth year on her way to become a doctor. In addition her parents are both doctors. They have overloaded her with medical supplies and ordered her home for education in sowing (not the one for housewives) and handling of syringes. We are grateful for her knowledge and expertise and proud to have her as our “medic”.

Saskia was together with Silje, the first of the three girls to try kiting. They were both immediately amazed and bought a kite right away. Saskia had finally found a sport she could perform in her pancake land. Though during wintertime, when the wetsuit no longer keeps her warm, the Alps is not too far away. Here she travels frequently for skiing and mountaineering.

Saskia is traveling a lot between studying and you can often find her back home in Norway. The last four summers she has been working as a host and glacier guide together with Silje at Fanaraaken, a cabin in a part of the Norwegian mountains called Jotunheimen. This gives her the “Norwegian-nature-dose” she needs to survive her homesickness back in the pancake land.

Saskia is a person with strong opinions; this girl knows what she wants! This is not always easy for others to handle, but it is the way she is living and what has gotten her where she is today. She always says; “you can do everything, you just have to try hard enough”.

Ingrid "lang" Langdal
- The tallest expedition member and the brain behind our technical solutions

Ingrid is, as the nickname indicates, the tallest of us. The girl swaying 183 cm above the ground comes from Bærum Blærum, outside Oslo, but has moved to Trondheim to become a medical physicist.


With a mom loving sport activities, and a dad with music as his passion, Ingrid became confused. She inherited all her parent’s interests and trying to become an expert within both sport and music, her time schedule was always overloaded. While young, she always reached a head above her friends. This she wanted to make use of and basketball became her big passion. She still loves the sport, but now telemark, climbing and of course kiting, is taking more and more of her time. In addition to this the trumpet has been her companion throughout her life, but it was put away a year ago.

Ingrid went traveling after the year in Lofoten. Her trip went to South America where she learned Spanish and worked for a humanitarian organization. She of course also explored as much of the continent as she could; hiking, climbing and experiencing new cultures. Then her brain led her to Trondheim where she has been for the last four years, studying physics. This fall she has been studying in New Zealand, but spending every free minute exploring the two beautiful islands.

Ingrid is a stayer. If she’s “in”, you can always count on her. You can be sure she gives you all she’s got and a little bit more. She is the one of us who always thinks things through, not leaving a single detail unquestioned. The rest of us will be forever grateful for forcing us into frustrating discussions leading to good decisions.

Ingrid is always taking good care of others, and she will definitely make sure that everyone is all right at every time on Greenland.